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Alfie becomes ‘Freddie’: World Book Day

Our own children often give us the inspiration to do or start something new.

You ask the founder of any children’s business and they will probably tell you that the inspiration for starting their business came from their own children.

At Mini First Aid we are no different. It was Kate who was looking for a first aid lesson which she could also bring her new baby along to; which sparked the founding idea for Mini First Aid classes.

As that baby grew into a busy small person continually getting into bumps and scrapes; Kate had the idea for helping young children better understand how they will be looked after by a grown up in a first aid situation. Not only that, but also knowing what to do should they need to look after an injured grown up.

‘The Mini Adventures of Freddie’ (based on Kate’s eldest Alfie) is a story built into the Mini First Aid Early Years class. It became such a hit with children that we decided to publish the book so that more children could enjoy the story at home with their families.

Kate’s brief to illustrator Hayley Vine was to make Freddie look like Alfie even to the point where eye colour had to be perfect! Alfie has since done a stint of modelling for the book’s promotional material. Not being quite at the ‘embarrassing mum’ stage, he lapped up the attention.

So this week for World Book Day, unprompted Alfie announced that he wanted to go to school dressed as Freddie and he is joined by one of his best buddies who since they first became friends at less than 1, have always looked more like brothers than best buds.  Both boys are donning their Freddie t-shirts, shorts and red shoes and signature messy hair (that one is not a problem to achieve) and they are off to school to tell all their friends about their favourite book character.

Meanwhile Kate is feeling just a teeny bit proud that the boys have chosen her book. Who are we to argue when the children of Mini First Aid want to support us? Let’s just hope they don’t have as many accidents as Freddie!

‘The Mini Adventures of Freddie’ is available from our shop


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